It could be your grandparents, or it might even be your parents. They are having a more difficult time handling the stairs in their Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, Vienna, or surrounding area home, and whenever you visit them you find that you are spending a good portion of your time schlepping items from one level of the home to another, or that you are helping them go up or down the stairs to reach a bedroom, bathroom, or another room for a variety of reasons. This situation is just an accident waiting to happen. Why not talk with Marietta Mobility Services and find out all the details about installing a stair chair in their home? They are an affordable option that allows your special family members to remain in their home with a safe option for their stairs.

Benefits of Having A Stair Chair

Stair Chair in Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, and Vienna

Having a stair chair in your home means that you have a smooth ride from one floor to the next. The rail that the stair chair rides on can be as long as it needs to be and provides that smooth ride. And the seats of the stair chair are padded like a nice kitchen table chair, making it a comfortable ride as well. This is important when you have users that are mobility-challenged due to surgery or other injuries where they don’t want to have a jarring experience.

Another reason for adding a stair chair to your home is that it brings back independence for the homeowner. It also does this for others who live in and visit the home. Rather than having to rely on others to do tasks on different levels of the home, you can now take care of those tasks yourself, which enhances their independence. Along with renewed independence is the fact that stair chairs help older people stay in their homes, often referred to as aging in place. Most people would rather remain in their home versus moving elsewhere if given a chance, and a stair chair helps to make that possible. Adding a stair chair is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to adjust a home to assist with aging in place. When you are ready to look at adding a stair chair to your Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, Vienna, or surrounding area home, give a call to Marietta Mobility Services to learn what options are available for your home.