Foot Controls

Extend the length of your car’s gas and brake pedals to make them more accessible with Marietta Mobility’s foot controls. Our car pedal extenders come in a wide variety of lengths and configurations, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs and your vehicle. Some are simple, lightweight blocks that attach to the pedals; others are more mechanically linked, allowing you to place them wherever makes the most sense. If you are not using your feet to drive and need your pedals blocked or moved, we can do that too.

We proudly offer:

  • Pedal extensions — These shorten the distance to the pedal by raising the point of contact closer to you.
  • Gas and brake guards — These prevent you from accidentally placing your foot on or underneath the pedals.
  • Gas pedal guards — These prevent you from resting your foot on the accelerator.
  • Left foot accelerator — These allow use of the accelerator when use of the right foot is lost.

At Marietta Mobility, we offer only quality products and hire only professional installation experts. Your safety is our priority, which is why each of our service technicians is factory trained and certified to perform installations. See what sets our team apart by reaching out to us now.

We offer the following brands to ensure your safety:

  • MPD
  • MPS
  • Veigel
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