Honda Power

The Honda Power offers a sporty exterior with an interior finish like you’ve never seen with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle before. Experience the luxury and power by contacting Marietta Mobility.

Key Features of the Honda Power

This vehicle’s body structure was designed with 35 percent stronger steel and a rear frame reinforced by 60 percent stronger steel. As a result, this is the safest Honda side-entry wheelchair van ever made. The low profile interior look and the easy-to-access side door are brought to the forefront by the 50/50 ramp design. All accessible functions are remote controlled, and there are several interior switches placed for ease of use.

  • Step-and-roll removable front seats for versatility
  • Automatic door for convenience
  • Keyless remote entry and ramp control for independence
  • Fold-out ramp to fit any space


Customize Your Vehicle

The Honda Power was designed with the user in mind, making the seamless finish and exquisite style a natural fit for your lifestyle and preferences. With eight exterior colors to choose from, a customized vehicle is one decision away. All mobility conversion components of your vehicle have been designed to blend flawlessly into the rest of the vehicle.

Reach out to Marietta Mobility to learn more about the Honda Power and our available customizations. We help you get where you’re going with ease and in style.


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