Driving Aids

Everyone has different needs when it comes to driving confidently, but Marietta Mobility is proud to offer as many solutions as we can to those who need them. We sell, install, and service a variety of driving aids to increase your mobility. To learn more click below.

Some of our top mobility products include:

    • Steering wheel spinner knobs and controls — These products are ideal for those who can only use one hand while driving. These attachments allow drivers to remain in constant contact with the wheel.
    • Hand control multi-function buttons — Drivers can control the gas, brake, turn signals, wipers, windows, and more with only one hand.
    • Four-way switches — Four-way switches add up to four functions to your hand control, including turn signals, horn, and dimmer.
    • Multi-function spinner knobs — Multi-function spinner knobs allow you to use up to six vehicle accessory controls with just one spinner knob.
    • Gear extension — Switch from gear to gear with ease.
    • Turn signal crossover — Allows you to operate the turn signal with your right hand.
    • Parking brake extension — Permits you to operate both the emergency and the parking brake by hand.
    • Left Foot Accelerator — Allows you to operate both the accelerator and brake with your left foot.
    • Accelerator and Brake guard — Protects you from inadvertently depressing the gas or brake.
    • Pedal Extensions — Extends the gas, brake, and clutch closer to you for easier operation.

From helping you find the right product for your needs to the installation itself, Marietta Mobility is here for you. Our trained staff has the expertise to install multiple brands and products into your vehicle. We look forward to providing you with a new driving aid that significantly improves your life.

We offer the following brands to ensure your safety:

  • MPD
  • MPS
  • Veigel
  • SureGrip

If you are interested in learning more about our accessibility products, then please get in touch with us or come by our physical location in Marietta.

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