Seating Solutions

Getting in and out of your vehicle should be effortless, which is why we offer Bruno Valet Seats. These seating options do the work for you by both turning and extending the seat outside of the vehicle to make transfer simple and effective. We offer three different types of valet seats, including the Valet Plus, Valet Limited, and Valet LV. Each one was designed to offer easy access to vehicles both big and small. No matter which mobility vehicle you own, we have a valet seat to fit.

Pickup trucks, SUVs, whatever your style vehicle, it doesn’t matter. Valet seats are carefully crafted to fit virtually every type of vehicle. Bruno matches your vehicle and unique style with a valet seat that offers independence and unparalleled ease. Whether you prefer a manual of fully-powered model, we have valet seats for all abilities.

While versatile, these seats also offer comfort and security. With durable, scratch-resistant fabric upholstery and a variety of color options, your comfort is customizable to your preferences. All Bruno’s valet seats meet or exceed applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards through independent safety testing. If you are ready for an easier way to get in and out of your vehicle, it’s time to consider the valet treatment. Reach out to Marietta Mobility today to learn more.


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