Wheelchair Tiedowns

Regardless of what your specific needs may be, our expert staff will install any needed wheelchair tie downs. Marietta Mobility proudly carries Q’Straint’s wheelchair passenger securement system, complete with four-point connection. These tiedowns begins at $495, which includes both the equipment and the installation. With a twenty-minute installation time and manual tiedowns included, your vehicle will be ready to easily transport you in no time at all.

Our complete 4-point system secures retractable and manual belts from the chair to the floor anchors. This belt system includes a shoulder and lap belt for full safety. We also provide complete operator instructions and warranty registration information.

Reach out to Marietta Mobility now. Simply give us a few details on what you’re searching for and how we may be able to assist. Then, we will be able to recommend a perfect fit for your vehicle. We look forward to getting you on the road safely and securely.


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