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Wheelchair Accessible Vans & Side Entry Access Vehicles In Newark, OH

At any given time, we have a range of different wheelchair-accessible vehicles for Newark residents. Some of them are rear entry access vehicles. Others are side entry access vehicles. What is the difference? Well, it goes beyond just where to exit and enter. The access point of wheelchair-accessible vehicles might also make a difference in the type of mobility assistance device your vehicle can accommodate and where the individual in the device sits.

If for some reason, we don’t have the right choice for you among the accessible vehicles in our inventory, we can go to work finding the right wheelchair van, creating a customized vehicle for you, or converting a van for you. We want our community to have access to the type of transportation they need to go to doctors’ appointments, social activities, and more. Of course, this means getting the right accessible vehicles for our customers.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Sale in Newark

Grey Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Sale in Newark, OH

While we wish we could turn any available van in Newark into rear entry access vehicles, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. To be safe, comfortable, meet regulations and have proper entry and exit, only some vans will have the correct specifications. Usually, this means a family’s current van can’t be converted. However, there are many possibilities available even when looking for specialized rear entry access vehicles or side entry access vehicles.

You’ll be surprised at some of the features available with wheelchair-accessible vehicles. For example, some rear entry access vehicles can allow wheelchairs to go between rear seats so a family of five can travel together. Other accessible vehicles have center counsels and seats removed for the individual in the wheelchair to move into the driver’s location.

Marietta Mobility is the premier choice for wheelchair-accessible vehicles in Newark. At any time, our inventory can include options for rear entry access vehicles or side entry access vehicles. Of course, we’ll also help with customized options to allow you and your family to hit the road in style and the latest in mobility technology.

Rear Entry Access Vehicles in Newark, OH

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