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Wheelchair Accessible & Side Entry Access Vehicles in Chillicothe, OH

When it comes time for your family to choose amongst options for wheelchair-accessible vehicles in Chillicothe, you’ll find yourselves looking at two options – rear entry access vehicles and side entry access vehicles. As the names say, the main difference is in the entry and exit points. However, the set-up configuration for each of these will influence the changes inside the vehicle also.

At Marietta Mobility Services, we are dedicated to finding our Chillicothe customers the best accessible vehicles to provide the mobility transportation they need. We often have a selection of accessible vehicles in our inventory. However, if an individual or family requires something else or has certain features they would like, we can locate the right vehicle for them.

Rear Entry Access Vehicles for Sale in Chillicothe

Grey Rear Entry Access Vehicles for Sale in Chillicothe, OHRear entry access vehicles have a significant advantage of flexible parking options. The rear ramp allows rear access vehicles to park in regular parking spots that do not have additional space on either side and homes with narrow driveways. Rear entry-accessible vehicles also have more options in passenger seating, meaning families of five can still travel together. A couple of last benefits to mention is that ramps can be longer for extended angles of entry, and the clearance can be higher, which can better accommodate larger wheelchairs and scooters.

Side Entry Access Vehicles for Sale in Chillicothe, OH

Most wheelchair-accessible vehicles are side entry, allowing entry to both driver and passenger seating for more independence for the individual in the wheelchair. This is because the access is away from wheel-wells and provides more maneuverability. Another reason side entry accessible vehicles are popular is the options in foldout lifts and remote lifts. For city parking, side entry is also better for curbside parking.

If trunk space is essential, then this is another reason to pick side entry. However, trunk space can be sacrificed to fit a third-row seat for more passengers. And if any other family members or riders are in wheelchairs, be aware that side entry can accommodate up to three wheelchairs.

At Marietta Mobility Solutions, we know you’ve probably done some research into the type of wheelchair-accessible vehicles you’d like to learn more about. If not, we’ll be more than happy to help you learn about the accessible vehicles that are right for your family.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Chillicothe, OH

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