Charleston, WV

Rear-Entry and Side-Entry Access Vehicles in Charleston, WV

You’ve picked out the right wheelchair, added a ramp outside, and installed a stairlift for indoor maneuvering. By the time you’re picking out your van, you decide to wing it until you realize parking in your garage and then getting everyone out of the wheelchair-accessible vehicle isn’t so accessible.

At Marietta Mobility, we refuse to let you get stuck. We understand that each customer’s lifestyle is unique and your vehicle should be, too! Among our many different features, we offer rear-entry and side-entry access vehicles to all residents of Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas.

Buying A Rear-Entry Access Vehicle In Charleston, WV

Rear Entry Access Vehicles in Charleston, WVIf you’re pulling into a garage in between your bike rack and old gym equipment, or if you’re parking in a narrow driveway, a rear-entry access vehicle would be most logical due to the lack of space on either side for wheelchair exiting. On the other hand, if your trunk space is a necessity and you are parking in an area with plenty of room, a side-entry access vehicle would be ideal.

Rear-Entry Access Vehicles in Charleston, WV

Our Chrysler accessible vehicles are equipped with either a power or manual ramp as well as adjustable seating that allows positioning of a wheelchair in between the two back seats for maximum capacity to maintain trunk space. Some models also include:

  • Fold-up seats for the back
  • A five-inch ramp thickness for sturdiness
  • A five-degree ramp angle

Side-Entry Access Vehicles in Charleston, WV

Side-Entry Access Vehicles in Charleston, WV

Any disabled person can reassert their freedom and independence by putting “access” back into “accessible van.” With a sliding door on the side and removable front seats, a wheelchair passenger can choose to sit anywhere in the vehicle, including the driver’s seat. Some models also include:

  • Auto kneel
  • Extended Ramp widths up to 32 inches
  • Low ramp angles at 8.6 degrees

Here in Marietta, Ohio, and surrounding areas, making the right choice on a rear-entry or side-entry access vehicle starts with a call to us at (800) 690-4950 today!

Visit Charleston, WV, and discover about fifty locations within this city recognized in the National Register of Historic Places. However, the rest of Charleston shouldn’t go unnoticed. With 19th-century houses and early 20th-century buildings still standing, you’ll want to observe the perfectly preserved past in your near future.

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