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Rear Entry Access Vehicles and Side Entry Access Vehicles in Bridgeport,WV

People with mobility issues rely on quality accessible transportation to retain their independence and maintain an active, engaging quality of life. Depending on where you live, finding the right vehicle for your needs can be a challenge. Most standard vehicles are not equipped to maneuver power chairs, scooters, or lifts.

Marietta Mobility Services is your source for accessible transportation solutions in Bridgeport, WV and the surrounding areas. We carry a broad selection of handicap-accessible vans that offer unique features and options, including side-entry access and rear entry access vehicles. With nearly 40-years in the industry, we are a well-known and respected accessible vehicle retailer and service provider in Bridgeport.

The Best Rear Entry Access Vehicle in Bridgeport, WV

Side Entry Access Vehicles in Bridgeport, WVWe have a large inventory of accessible vehicles for sale, including rear-entry access and side entry access vehicles. If you are unsure what type of vehicle best suits your needs, our caring and knowledgeable sales staff will gladly guide you through the selection process.

Before making a decision, it is crucial to understand the differences between rear and side entry vehicles, their features, and their benefits.

Side Entry Access Vehicles in Bridgeport, WV

BraunAbility side entry access vehicles are a popular choice for many drivers because they offer flexible seating options, including wheelchair placement options and removable seats.

The features and benefits of side-entry access vehicles include:

  • Flexible seating
  • Flexible wheelchair placement
  • Ability to drive in the wheelchair
  • Both manual and power ramp options
  • The overall design preserves cargo space

Rear Entry Access Vehicles in Bridgeport, WVRear Entry Access Vehicles

in Bridgeport, WV

Rear entry access vehicles require less space for parking than their side-entry counterparts. These accessible vans are popular with drivers who store their vans in a garage.

The benefits of rear-entry access vans include:

  • Require less space for parking
  • Affordable
  • Both manual and power ramp options
  • Flexible seating options

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At Marietta Mobility Services, we pride ourselves on helping our customers in Bridgeport, WV improve the quality of their lives by staying mobile, active, and independent. For more information, pay us a visit or call (800) 690-4950.

Bridgeport, WV

The historic town of Bridgeport is located in Harrison County, West Virginia. The city’s rich heritage has roots dating back to the 1750s. According to legend, the name Bridgeport is the result of a surveyor’s error. Settlers arriving in the mid-1700s built fortresses to protect them from the elements and local Native tribes who viewed the settlers’ presence as an unwanted intrusion. According to legend, the settlement known as Bridge Fort was erroneously named Bridgeport.

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