Portable Ramps

Give yourself mobility and freedom wherever you go with a portable ramp. At Marietta Mobility, we offer a wide variety of options to find the best fit for you. With options ranging from fixed to telescoping ramps, track to suitcase style ramps, you’ll find an easy way to access just about anywhere.

We offer several options of the following:

  • Multi-Fold Portable Ramp — This ramp is light, easy to handle, and separates into two pieces to make carrying that much easier. With a durable construction and anti-slip surface, this ramp will last for years to come. Accommodates various wheel configurations.
  • Single-Fold Portable Ramp — This ramp has all the same features as the Multi-Fold; however, it folds into one easy piece for low maintenance transportation.
  • Multi-Fold Extended Reach Ramp — This light and easy-to-handle ramp has an extended hook to attach to the bumper of a car. With a center joint hinge, you can choose how high it needs to be for your needs.
  • Solid Portable Wheelchair Ramp — Our non-folding option has a full platform for unparalleled stability and easy. With durable construction and an anti-slip surface, this ramp can handle many wheel configurations safely.
  • Wheelchair Ramp with Handrail — Our handrail ramps are welded in lengths ranging from three to ten feet for your convenience. With aluminum construction, this ramp is durable and weather resistant.

No matter which ramp is the best fit for you, our team would be happy to help. Reach out to Marietta Mobility today to begin.

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