Hand Controls

Make driving simple with Marietta Mobility’s hand controls. With methods varying from push-pull to push-rock, you can confidently and independently take on the road. We sell, install, and service almost all brands on the market, including MPD, Veigel, and MPS.



Choose from the following hand control options:

  • Push-Rock — This system puts the operating handle in a vertical position. Drivers pull the handle back to accelerate and push forward to brake.
  • Right Angle — The least fatiguing of all systems, the right angle system requires the driver to push forward to brake and downward toward their lap at a right angle to accelerate.
  • Push-Pull — This system is easier on the fingers and the thumb. In order to accelerate, the driver pulls up. To brake, the driver presses down on the lever toward the floor.
  • Right Hand — The right-hand system is a floor-mounted control that is operated with the right hand. Drivers push forward to brake and pull toward themselves to accelerate.

If you suspect hand controls could increase your driving independence, reach out to us today. At Marietta Mobility, we believe in quality products with incredible installation. With a thorough understanding of all makes and models of vehicles, we are confident in our ability to set yours up quickly and properly. Contact us now to get started and choose the best option for you.


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