Bruno Valet® Plus

Ideal for children and adults looking for accessible vehicle entry!

Your days of difficult vehicle entry are over with the Bruno Valet® Plus! With an automatic rotating system, the seat can be lowered and moved however you’d like. The vehicle’s original seat is never modified which means you can install your Bruno Valet® Plus in whichever vehicle you need, whenever you want! This product is also perfect for children as it does meet compliance and safety standards for children seats. A 3 year limited warranty is also included.

Key features of the Bruno Valet® Plus: 

  • Lift capacity of 370 lb.
  • Fit for both driver and passenger sides
  • Different fabric colors available to match your vehicle
  • Does not harm the original seat and can be re-installed in your next vehicle
  • Simple to use — single-button to control rotating, extending and lowering


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