Imagine if you are at the bottom of your stairs looking up. Under normal circumstances, this might not be an intimidating view. But what about how it might look if you have a cast on your leg. Or what if you have balance issues. Or what if you have reduced strength in your legs and hips. Any one of these might make you think twice about using the stairs, but if you coupled these together, it might make you not want to use the stairs at all. That’s not something that anyone wants to have to deal with whether they live in Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, Vienna, or the surrounding area. You need to call Marietta Mobility Services to get a straight stair lift for your stairs to enhance safety and provide independence.

Why Choose to Install A Stair Lift?

Straight Stair Lifts in Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, and Vienna

You might be wondering why you should look at installing a stair lift on your straight stairway. Stairs can cause many issues, such as tripping on the edge of steps, and this leads to accidents that could include broken bones or worse. Having a stair lift in your home provides a safe way to navigate multiple floors in your home, and restore independence for the homeowner.

Having a straight stair lift in your home is also easy to operate. There is a simple switch on the arm of the chair where you press and hold the button to move the chair, and you release the button to stop. If there is more than just a single person who lives at the home, such as a husband and wife, you can have keyed remotes that will bring the chair to you if it is at the other level of the home from where you are. The stair lifts that Marietta Mobility Services offers also have a battery in them so that in a power outage you can be sure that your stair lift will continue to operate so you aren’t trapped on a particular level of your home.

Along with renewed independence is the fact that stair lifts help older people stay in their homes, often referred to as aging in place. Most people would rather remain in their home versus moving elsewhere if given a chance, and a stair chair helps to make that possible. Adding a stair lift is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to adjust a home to assist with aging in place. When you are ready to look at adding a straight stair lift to your Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, St. Marys, Vienna, or surrounding area home, give a call to Marietta Mobility Services to learn what options are available for your home.